Traditionally, VADIAN.NET supports and promotes various cultural and sustainability projects since its foundation.


  • Space Makerspace
    Sponsoring, Membership, Spirit
  • sankt elektronika / Future now
    Co-founding, Partner, Webspace
  • World Internet Archive
    Co-founder, support of the Digital World Archive project in St. Gallen
  • Klang und Kleid
    Office-Cooperation, fancy API-Testings,  Webspace, knkorama, Events, Spirit

Previous engagements

  • Saiten
    Event data, provision of office infrastructure, co-financing Editorial staff
  • Kinok
    Database logics around cinema program, webspace
  • Remise cultural venue
    Events, CMS, Remisorama, Webspace, Spirit
  • Palace
    Events, Event-CMS and CRM, Webspace, Spirit
  • Grabenhalle
    Events, Event-CMS and CRM, Webspace
  • KUGL
    Event-CMS and CRM, Webspace
  • HERRMANN Kulturstollen
    Events, Webspace
  • Südkultur
  • Freie Ladenlokale St. Gallen
    Facebook-Channel about structural change
  • Zukunft Innenstadt
    Sessions, pop-up working group

Exhibition support

  • #smarthalle – Point Cloud, St. Gallen, Switzerland
  • BioDesign Codex, Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP), Seoul, South Korea
  • BioDesign Codex, Triennale, Milan, Italy
  • Design Superheroes, Moscow, Russia

Further engagements in preparation

  • BioDesign Foundation and Earth Solution Platform
  • Open IM Alliance
    Promotion project of the free instant messaging protocol XMPP