Fix the Internet

We rely heavily on open source, open data and peer-to-peer (P2P) technologies to build large custom search indexes. In addition, we use proven meta-search logics and dozens of APIs to efficiently leverage third-party sources. Intelligent matching mechanisms complement the extracted data with useful additional information. In many cases, information is aggregated value-free and made easily usable. In other cases, however, ethical and qualitative evaluations are deliberately made. Information that is actually available but difficult to put into context is brought to the surface and explained as simply as possible to the searching public. Whenever possible, we refer to official sources for valuations and make appropriate cross-references to other similar information.


Already in 1998 we went online with our first search engine. was a combined telephone directory and web search, partly based on the search index of the company RELOG, which was also supplier of at that time.


The first metasearch functions have been used on our directory portals for a number of years in order to gain continuous experience. In addition, special new search indexes are already running as a closed beta for a test audience.


We are building a new universal and independent search engine that delivers good and up-to-date results, clarifies critical issues along the way, and archives them in a structured way for later use. Last but not least, and no less important: it is fun to use, because it can surprise you again and again and largely does without advertising.