As a pioneer in the field of content production and content syndication, we have produced, aggregated and distributed countless content over the last 25 years. The big topics of VADIAN.NET have always included: news, weather data, jobs, industry data and domains.

Complementary content we produce, aggregate and use: Trademarks, court decisions, social media feeds, seminars, radio and music data, dictionaries, synonyms, geodata, demographic data, research data in the area of Open Data, software market data, keywords and statistical data.

Over 700,000 news items were launched, some of them multilingual in German, English, French and Italian. In the field of directories, we have processed about one million company records in Switzerland and neighboring countries alone. We publish weather data bilingually in German and English for xx thousand locations around the world. In the area of job advertisements, we process around 150,000 jobs per month.

Our platforms include:

Fix the Internet

As big advocates of Open Data and users of Creative Commons licenses, we have witnessed many unpleasant things in the last three decades. Restrictive monopolies and oligopolies, anti-trust disputes, takeovers of open source projects by the big players Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Oracle, etc.

We firmly believe that in addition to the current content and software license types, more differentiated variants are needed to bring the Internet ecosystem back into balance. Independent open source projects and their supporters need more incentives and more protection. We are working with partners in a variety of ways to develop new innovative licensing and remuneration concepts. Likewise, it is imperative to make legislative interventions to break certain monopolies.